Mitta ZEE5 Originals Web Series In Hindi Dubbed All Episodes Free Download In 720p HDRip Quality Encoded In x264 MKV.

Mitta Web Series In Hindi Episodes Free Download 720p HD

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Title: Mitta Season 1 In Hindi
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 23 January 2019
Quality: 720p HDRip x264
Audio: AAC
Format: MKV
Size: 850-MB



Mitta ZEE5 Originals Web Series is a 2019 dark comedy ZEE5 Telugu Original starring Lallu, Sathu and others. The story revolves around Sathu, Lallu and Prabha’s Aalu (Sathu’s girlfriend), who sell a bag of weed that belong to their peddler friend Ishtiaq. When situations demand them to get the bag of weed back, all the four of them hop from one party to another looking for the man who bought the weed from them, as they face unexpected situations and people in the quest of finding the bag. Whether Lallu and Sathu be able to find the bag after party and come out of all the mess forms the rest of the story.

Mitta Web Series Hindi Episodes Synopsis:

Episode 1 – When Mitta explodes!
Lallu & Sathu are two regular stoners, who sit down to smoke pot after their stash gets over. They smoke up at the beach, talking about their lives, current affairs, movies and what not!

Episode 2 – Cross Joint
Lallu and Sathu go to meet their peddler friend Ishtiaq, who has returned from Kashmir. Ishtiak gives Lallu a bag of weed and asks him to keep it safe he return. Meanwhile, Lallu and Sathu get scared of police and sell the bag of weed to a stranger.

Episode 3 – Bad Trip
When Ishtiaq returns for his bag of weed, the duo confesses on selling the weed to a stranger in Kodaikanal. When Ishtiaq insists for the bag, the trio, along with Sathu’s girlfriend, head to Kodaikanal hoping to find that stranger in some party.

Episode 4 – Problem C
On their way to Kodaikanal, all four of them decide to crush the weed. As they reach a check post, out of the fear of getting caught, Sathu throws away the stash that he was crushing. Later, He realizes what he had done and goes along with Lallu to find it. Will they be able to retrieve their missing stash?

Episode 5 – Prabha’s girlfriend is now my girlfriend
Sathu, Ishtiaq & Prabha’s aalu discuss on how to save Lallu from the police. Soon, they see a beat officer coming towards them on a bike, with Lallu riding pillion. Everyone fears that Lallu might have told the officer about the weed. Will they be caught? Or, has Lallu managed to trick the officer?

Episode 6 – Fuck bro
Lallu, Sathu, Ishtiaq and Prabha’s aalu reach the Mac’s party and start their search for a man named Siri. When Lallu & Sathu find him, Siri approaches the duo and keeps LSD in their mouths (a hallucinogenic drug). How will the drug affect the first timers??

Episode 7 – Bong War
At the party, the bong war had just begun! Lallu, already tripping on the drug, decides to compete in the bong war against the champion ‘Prabha’. Siri warns him but Lallu ignores and participates in the competition. Will Lallu win the bong war and impress Siri?

Episode 8 – After the Party
Inside the weed room, Lallu, Sathu and Prabha’s aalu gets caught by Mac! What will he do to them? Will Siri come to their rescue? Or, is this a planned trap?

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Mitta Web Series In Hindi Episodes Free Download 720p HD

Mitta Web Series In Hindi Episodes Free Download 720p HD

Mitta Web Series In Hindi Episodes Free Download 720p HD

Mitta Web Series In Hindi Episodes Free Download 720p HD

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